Europos kalbų dienos renginiai

EWL-European Week of Languages. Unity in Diversity

Language Week, 21.11.2016 - 25.11.2016

On the 21st, we are going to have a conference in partnership with UNISAMUN and ThinkYoung. The conference will start with a presentation of AEGEE and EDL, as well as our local antenna and the importance of "Unity in Diversity". "Unity in Diversity" will try to bring to the table of discussion the importance of national languages in a world that pushes to the usage of a global language. It will try to raise awareness on the importance of minority languages as cultural heritage. The massage it will try to spread is: always learn new languages, so to understand better cultures and traditions, but most important to appreciate more the world around us.
Since we are organizing this conference in partnership with ThinkYoung (Maidan - Aftermath project) and UNISAMUN, this conference will also be stage for a movie projection (provided by Maidan - Aftermath and also projected on the same day by AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Utrecht), a Skype-call with AEGEE-Kyiv, and two open debates with Ukrainian Erasmus Students and Ukrainian Community here in Salerno.

On the 23rd, AEGEE-Salerno will host a linguistic happy hour: "Aperitivo Linguistico". A sort of LANGUAGE CAFE' with LANGUAGE QUIZ and KARAOKE followed by OLYMPIC GAMES.

On the 25th, we are going to have an EUROPEAN NIGHT with a a sort of RUNNING DINNER followed by an INTERNATIONAL PARTY.

VENUE: Via ponte don melillo - 84084 - Fisciano (SA)
TARGET GROUPS: Adults (in general), General public, Language experts, Language learners, Language teachers, Media, Members of migrant communities / Speakers of minority or regional language(s), Students, Young people (in general)

ORGANIZER: Sonia Della Sala, Luigi Avino, and Rosa Mennillo
ADDRESS: Via Fra Giacomo di Martino, 20, 84081 Baronissi, Italy
CONTACT NAME: Sonia Della Sala

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