Euroopan kielten päivän tapahtumat 2015


Show/Theatre, 20.09.2017 - 27.09.2017

Hans Pfeiffer, a young man from Germany, wants to become a detective. Pfeiffer knows of a famous English detective named Antony Wisenose and Pfeiffer wants to learn how to become a detective from him. So Pfeiffer takes an aeroplane to England, and from the airport he takes a bus to a small sleepy village South-South-West of London.
There, on the first floor of a little stone house, he finds the office of detective Antony Wisenose. Hans Pfeiffer is excited when he arrives in the office and he introduces himself to Antony Wisenose. Mr. Wisenose is interested in this new student, but first he wants to know what kind of special skills Pfeiffer has. Pfeiffer does not think twice about it and he takes out his little guitar and sings his "special skills song" for Mr. Wisenose. The song explains that he can run as fast as a rabbit, that he can hide behind every corner, and that he can even fight like a tiger.
Mr. Wisenose is impressed by the song and accepts Pfeiffer as his new detective student right away. But how is Pfeiffer going to learn to be a detective? Soon after his arrival something happens: the postman disappears... and soon afterwards, so does a dog! In this play, The Mysterious Case of ...?, you will discover how Hans Pfeiffer solves this mysterious crime.


VENUE: Various / touring Theatre Company
TARGET GROUPS: Children, Language learners, Parents

ORGANIZER: Theater Spunk
ADDRESS: Am Bahnhof 2, 28870 Ottersberg, Germany
CONTACT NAME: Benjamin Harlan
TELEPHONE: +49421532622


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Äänestä vuoden omaperäisintä tapahtumaa!

Lisämaustetta päivään tuo se, että kuka tahansa nettisivuillamme vieraileva voi äänestää omaperäisimpänä pitämäänsä Euroopan kielten päivän tapahtumaa. Äänen voi antaa luovuuden tai kopioitavuuden perusteella, tai siksi että tapahtuma todella edustaa päivän henkeä. Äänestys on auki kuukauden ajan 20. syyskuuta–20. lokakuuta, ja voittaja julkistetaan joulukuussa. Eniten ääniä saaneen tapahtuman järjestäjille annetaan pieni palkinto.

Vuoden 2014 voittaja oli Koluszkin alakoulu Puolasta. Heidän tapahtumansa ”Learning languages is fun” sai äänestysaikana yli 1000 ääntä. Onnittelut vuoden 2014 voittajille!

The winner in 2015 is Europe House Dubrovnik from Croatia. Their initiative ‘Let‘s Celebrate Europe‘s Linguistic Diversity!’ was voted the most innovative event of the 2015 European Day of Languages and received over 18.000 votes. Congratulations to the winners!