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Language Trivia


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The contents of the language trivia section have been developed as a common resource proposed by a wide range of voluntary contributors and from diverse sources. We hope that you will find the section useful, informative and amusing. Please note that the information does not reflect any official policy of the Council of Europe and that, although we have tried to verify the accuracy of much of the material, we cannot guarantee the validity of the information. In order to improve and expand this resource we very much welcome your suggestions both  for further trivia and/or for correcting inaccuracies.

Factos sobre as Línguas
Tu já sabias...?
FAQ sobre a Língua Gestual
Autoavalie as suas competências linguísticas
Tesouros linguísticos
Fala comigo!
Sons de animais
Quiz das Línguas
Palavras únicas
Mesma palavra - significado diferente
Jogo de memória
Palavras longas
Trava línguas
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Jogo de Língua Gestual