Brain game

Improve your memory and learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet. Below you will find the characters that differ from the Latin alphabet, but have a corresponding character. For the Cyrillic characters that don't correspond to a Latin character, please see this memory game.

Try to find the pairs as quickly as possible and make it onto the highscore list!

Matching Cyrillic characters correctly

(as in Baby)

(as in caTS)

(as in Pig)

(as in Snow)

(as in Violine)

(as in Horse)

( as in nEEdle)

(as in Dog)

(as J in bonJour)

(as in Lion)

(as in North)

(as in Rabbit)

(as in hOOver)

(as in Zebra)

(as in Grapes)

(as in Fish)



High Scores

1Anita1:32in 100 moves
2Blyatman1:36in 96 moves
3Gustas1:41in 101 moves
4jan1:42in 90 moves
5John1:44in 104 moves
6Torti1:46in 106 moves
7P1:55in 124 moves
8s2:00in 120 moves
9Rose2:00in 86 moves
10q2:04in 80 moves
11Bellanna2:04in 124 moves
12Agnieszka2:05in 74 moves
13Leigh2:06in 126 moves
14ChemicV2:09in 129 moves
15Susanne2:09in 129 moves
16gabi2:11in 131 moves
17Aziza2:12in 124 moves
18ded2:12in 132 moves
19Tanja2:12in 78 moves
20jeff2:14in 108 moves
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