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Language quiz

To celebrate the European Day of Languages, we suggest a quiz to give you the chance to test your knowledge about the languages of our continent.

The quiz is divided up into 7 categories:

You get two points for answering correctly the first time, one point if you get it right at the second attempt. Please note that sometimes the correct solution requires more than one answer.

Podatki o jezikih
Language trivia
Pogosta vprašanja o znakovnem jeziku
Ocenite svoje jezikovne sprestnosti
Jezikovni zakladi
Pogovarjaj se z mano!
Animal sounds
Jezikovni kviz
Unique words
Celebrities speaking languages
Dober dan !
Same word - different meaning
Igra spomina
Longest word
Tongue twisters
Idioms of the world
Send a card
Sign language game