La Commission européenne et la JEL − 2023

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In addition, a social media campaign throughout September will focus on stories, videos and interviews from across the EU showing how translation has contributed to better healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, how it made lockdown easier, and its importance for politics and business.

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Événements de la JEL 2023                 

Les bureaux extérieurs de traduction de la Commission européenne participent à l'organisation de plus de 80 événements qui se déroulent dans des villes de toute l'Europe ! Un grand nombre de ces événements sont des activités en ligne : quiz, concours radiophoniques, webinaires, ateliers interactifs, jeux, mini-cours de langues et conférences. Vous pouvez y participer de n'importe où. Vous trouverez les détails de tous ces événements dans le calendrier du CELV et ici.


Online event on 26 September

"Teaching language skills at the heart of the European Education Area"

The European Day of Languages on 26 September is a well-established opportunity to raise awareness about language learning and linguistic diversity. 

Many language and cultural institutes, associations, universities and schools take part in various events and activities organised throughout the EU. 

The main event of the European Commission will be an online conference on 26 September. This year it will focus on EU tools to help language teachers boost their capacity, notably Erasmus + and the European School Education Platform

It will also celebrate the European Year of Skills as multilingualism is one of eight key competences needed for personal fulfilment, a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, employability, active citizenship and social inclusion.

The online event will connect with some of the European Day of Language events taking place across the European Union (EU) Member States. Young people, teachers and other participants will relate how they feel about languages and how they influence their life. 

Follow the event online

The event will be streamed live online here and on Erasmus+ on Facebook from 12:00 until 14:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) on Tuesday 26 September 2023

The discussions will be interpreted into English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It will  also be possible to follow the event on social media on Erasmus+ on Twitter

Detailed programme of the conference