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Online conference:
"Education begins with language"


From 10:00 -12:00 on 28 September, the European Commission will hold an online conference, entitled "Education begins with language". The conference focuses on how the EU supports multilingual competences through the European Education Area. The discussion, with the participation of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, is aimed at a broad audience, with web streaming and interpretation. Registration is required.

28 September 2020, Online


In addition, a social media campaign throughout September will focus on stories, videos and interviews from across the EU showing how translation has contributed to better healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, how it made lockdown easier, and its importance for politics and business.

EDJ dogodki

The European Commission’s translation field offices are involved in the organisation of over 80 events taking place in cities around Europe! As a large number of the events are online activities, including quizzes, radio contests, webinars, interactive workshops, games, mini language courses and lectures – you can participate from anywhere. You can find details of all these events in the ECML online calendar and tukaj.

The School Education Gateway

This European resource portal for teachers and school staff in 29 languages is focusing on multilingualism throughout September, with new articles, videos and news items.

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