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European Street of Languages

 Language festival, 25 set 2020, Stepanovićevo, Serbia

Below are proposed activities that will be implemented with the participation of students from first to eighth grade and teachers of all languages ​​taught at school (Serbian, English, Russian, German). Competitive games and activities will take place on the school premises. Mini teams of students will run stands and games. Each of the participants will receive a certificate of participation in a certain activity - a language passport. The games are designed so that they can be easily adapted to online classes. - Creative works on the theme of the European Day of Languages, - Competitive language quizzes in all languages ​​taught at school (Serbian, English, Russian, German), - "I can say..” - a presentation of younger students, - Speech exercises and speed pronunciation competition, language challenge - forgotten words of the Serbian language, Sights of the cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg, - Slogans - Students will look for the most frequent proverbs in Russian and their equivalents in Serbian, they will try to "decipher" the original meaning of proverbs and phraseology. - The longest story - Students will try to make as long a story as possible from one word according to the principle of remembering the previous words that the student said. - Reciting a bilingual song - students will (in the form of a recitation performance or online) present songs they wrote in class, which contain words in both German and Serbian. The songs should be composed in such a way as to enable easier memorization of individual words in German - Germanisms and internationalisms - Students will present words that are the same or similar in German, Serbian and English. - "Das Septemberfest" - students will make and try some of the typical German dishes.

Venue: Primary School "Aleksa Šantić" Stepanovićevo (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Language learners Children

Organizer: Primary School "Aleksa Šantić" Stepanovićevo
Estimated number of participants/people involved: 140
Address: Vojvode Putnika 6, 21212, Stepanovićevo, Serbia
Contact Name: Slavica Jević
Contact Phone: 0638879645

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