Improve your memory - try to find the pairs as quickly as possible and make it onto the highscore list! On the icons or 'cards' in the first game you will find values or areas of work of the Council of Europe and in the second the flags and names of the countries which are member states of the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML). As you match pairs an explanation will appear on the right-hand side. Have fun!




High Scores

1Emils0:17in 50 moves
2xX_SkullTrooper_Xx0:18in 18 moves
3this ain't it chief0:19in 42 moves
4aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa0:22in 22 moves
5So why do good girls like bad guys0:24in 24 moves
6Mrs Hendey0:25in 30 moves
7bitch lasagne0:25in 68 moves
8Noooo0:27in 27 moves
9Dolan_Darkest0:29in 56 moves
10Plutoman0:29in 28 moves
11nato0:30in 30 moves
12mašaaa0:30in 30 moves
13Pat0:31in 22 moves
14fortnite gay0:31in 72 moves
15im sorry0:31in 34 moves
16CorrectFire0:31in 31 moves
17jeremy0:32in 32 moves
18noodleboi or something0:32in 32 moves
19IDoNotLanguagesLies0:32in 32 moves
20BIG NIPS LOL0:32in 32 moves
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Matching these cyrillic characters correctly

(as Ch in CHair)
(as GI in Buon GIorno)
(as J in Jar)
(as ñ in España)
(as Sh in SHower)
(as LL in Mallorca)
(as CI in CIao)