Brain game

Improve your memory and learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet. Below you will find the characters that differ from the Latin alphabet, but have a corresponding character. For the Cyrillic characters that don't correspond to a Latin character, please see this memory game.

Try to find the pairs as quickly as possible and make it onto the highscore list!



High Scores

1mi0:42in 42 moves
2Bruno0:43in 43 moves
3nicole0:46in 46 moves
4k0:50in 50 moves
5Dillon0:50in 50 moves
6filip0:50in 50 moves
7Karl0:53in 53 moves
8L0:55in 55 moves
9oli1:00in 60 moves
10Radio1:01in 61 moves
11karin1:01in 61 moves
12MArio1:04in 64 moves
13.1:07in 67 moves
14Marianne1:07in 67 moves
15martina 1:10in 70 moves
16Nadja1:12in 72 moves
17PRDEŽ1:12in 82 moves
18Chulain 1:13in 73 moves
19MArio SaViC1:14in 74 moves
20GOVNO1:17in 77 moves
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Matching Cyrillic characters correctly

(as in Baby)

(as in caTS)

(as in Pig)

(as in Snow)

(as in Violine)

(as in Horse)

( as in nEEdle)

(as in Dog)

(as J in bonJour)

(as in Lion)

(as in North)

(as in Rabbit)

(as in hOOver)

(as in Zebra)

(as in Grapes)

(as in Fish)