Brain game 2

Improve your memory and learn to read the cyrillic alphabet. Below you will find the characters that don't correspond to a latin character. For the cyrillic characters that correspond to a latin character please see this memory game.

Try to find the pairs as quickly as possible and make it onto the highscore list!



High Scores

1Emils0:17in 50 moves
2xX_SkullTrooper_Xx0:18in 18 moves
3this ain't it chief0:19in 42 moves
4trump 20200:20in 20 moves
5Socialism has never worked0:20in 20 moves
6I ehthsyrsrtsbgf0:21in 48 moves
7Make Europe Great Again0:21in 24 moves
8DEmocrats TO AMERICA = DiE TO AMERICA0:21in 21 moves
9The only progressive thing of B!den is his dementia0:21in 21 moves
10aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa0:22in 22 moves
11The only progressive thing of B1den is his dementia0:23in 34 moves
12So why do good girls like bad guys0:24in 24 moves
13Mrs Hendey0:25in 30 moves
14bitch lasagne0:25in 68 moves
15Noooo0:27in 27 moves
16Dolan_Darkest0:29in 56 moves
17Plutoman0:29in 28 moves
18nato0:30in 30 moves
19mašaaa0:30in 30 moves
20mis0:30in 30 moves
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Matching these cyrillic characters correctly

(as Ch in CHair)
(as GI in Buon GIorno)
(as J in Jar)
(as ñ in España)
(as Sh in SHower)
(as LL in Mallorca)
(as CI in CIao)