Euroopa keeltepäeva ametlik T-särk

T-särke saab  aasta Euroopa keeltepäeva jaoks tellida meie partnerilt: spreadshirts.com. We have chosen flex print for the print quality. 

aasta Euroopa keeltepäeva T-särgi võistlus

Saada meile oma disain või kujutis ning sinu pilt võib jõuda aasta Euroopa keeltepäeva ametlikule T-särgile!

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EDL T-shirt contest winner 2024 

The winner of the 2024 EDL T-shirt contest is Eloise Recio Jarda (Colegio Cooperativa Al-Bayyana, Roquetas de Mar, España). Congratulations!

"With this logo i wanted to capture the incredible variety of different people that are brought together by the same land. Even if it may seem like we are very different, all of our unique languages and cultures unite us because of our love of diversity. Our differences and the will to always learn all kinds of things from people all around our continent makes us special and brave. There is no such thing as a language barrier if you are willing to constantly learn new things and try new experiences!"