Popis IKT alata i otvorenih obrazovnih resursa

Dobro došli na popis slobodno dostupnih online alata i otvorenih obrazovnih resursa za podučavanje i učenje jezika koji je razvijen u okviru projekta „Upotreba ICT-a u podršci nastavi i učenju jezika“ (ICT-REV) Evropskog centra za moderne jezike! Inventar sadrži listu alata koji su ocijenjeni na osnovu pedagoških kriterija. 

Latest additions to the inventory

Word Search Labs (Word search creator )

It is a free online tool to build, print, share and solve word search puzzles. Just enter a title, the words you want to include, the directions and size of your puzzle and this app will do all the wo... view details

Wizer.me (Learning materials creator)

Wizer.me is a free online tool that helps educators create interactive and easy-to-make worksheets. It allows them to add any rich media they want, as well as to create a wide variety of question type... view details

Simpleshow Videomaker (Video creation tool)

Simpleshow Videomaker is a tool to create animated explainer videos for your class. You can either use Simpleshow's Explainer Engine to turn your script into an illustrated video or you can upload you... view details