Popis ICT alata i otvorenih obrazovnih resursa

Dobro došli na popis slobodno dostupnih online alata i otvorenih obrazovnih resursa za podučavanje i učenje jezika koji je razvijen u okviru projekta „Upotreba ICT-a u podršci nastavi i učenju jezika“ (ICT-REV) Evropskog centra za moderne jezike! Inventar sadrži listu alata koji su ocijenjeni sa po pedagoškim kriterijima.


Latest additions to the inventory

Charades! (Guess the word game)

Multiplayer activity game available in app form. Pick a deck of cards which will, depending on the chosen theme, give you a word to guess. Hold the phone up in front of your forehead facing your group... view details

TedEd (Online learning platform)

TedEd is an online educational platform that creates interactive lessons with informative videos on a wide range of topics. It consists of TedEd animations which are short videos designed to enhance s... view details

PowToon (Short video presentation creator )

Tool for creating short animated video presentations. Interface is easy to use and there are a variety of tutorials to help you create your own PowToons. There are a variety of different templates to ... view details