Inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources

Welcome to the inventory of freely available online tools and open educational resources for language teaching and learning developed by the 'Use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning' (ICT-REV) project of the European Centre for Modern Languages! The inventory contains a list of tools that have been evaluated with sound pedagogical criteria in mind.

Latest additions to the inventory

Excalidraw (Whiteboard tool)

Excalidraw is an interactive whiteboard tool that allows its users to easily create mind maps and diagrams. You can add different forms, change their colours and write texts. Users can also invite oth... view details

Skribbl (Drawing and guessing game)

Skribbl is a free online drawing and guessing game to practice your vocabulary and drawing skills. In this game, there is always one player who is in charge of drawing one of the words offered by the ... view details

ActivePresenter (eLearning software)

ActivePresenter is an all-in-one screen recorder, video editor and eLearning software. This tool allows you to create video tutorials, as well as eLearning content in HTML. Moreover, you have the opti... view details