Events of the European Day of Languages


Language Week, 25.09.2018 - 02.10.2018, Syców, Poland

This year we will celebrate the European Day of Languages in an international way. Teachers from Germany and Slovakia will come to Poland to celebrate the beginning of Strategic Partnerships and discuss details of running Erasmus+ project : “Forest 3.0 – our natural heritage”.
We want to organize international evening with cuisine sampling, then international trip aimed at integration and visiting the region. It will help to strengthen cooperation and networking between partner schools.
For this week transnational teaching is planned in our school to promote intercultural dialogue through different forms of learning. The teachers will share innovative practices and promote cooperation with other teachers and students. During the lessons our students will make posters concerning the importance of learning language and write letters to their European pen-friends from partner schools. They will also create motivating boards that promote foreign languages learning and increase their awareness of the worth of their and others’ cultural heritage.
We also plan the official opening of the new language lab. Teachers from Slovakia will run e-Twinning workshops for both teachers and students. With the use of new technologies we will explore European languages through activities for students: inter-class competitions, QR codes activities, web puzzles, Kahoot quizzes.
Local community is invited to take part in language games to raise their awareness of language diversity in Europe and discover interesting facts about European countries. Additionally, online language competition is planned for parents to encourage them to learn new languages.
During this week we will be promoting the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe as a wealth to be developed and nurtured. Furthermore, we will promote lifelong language learning: both inside and outside the school and build the coexistence of diversity in a dialogue and in a mutual understanding.

VENUE: Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. T. Kościuszki (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Children, General public, Language learners, Language teachers, Media, Parents, Policy deciders/politicians at national, regional or local level, Pupils, Students, Young people (in general)

ORGANISER: Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. T. Kościuszki
ADDRESS: Kościelna 12, 56-500 Syców, Poland
CONTACT NAME: Joanna Zawada, Małgorzata Herbeć
TELEPHONE: 728 858 639
WEBSITE: http://


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