Events of the European Day of Languages

Languages in the School Jubilee

Celebration, 27.09.2018 - 24.10.2018, Praha, Czech Republic

This year the European Day of Languages was close to another event in our school. The 110th anniversary of the foundation of the school in the south-western city district of Prague - Stodulky. That’s why most of the activities of the European Day of Languages school project were also connected with this jubilee.
The jubilee number 110 was the result of many examples, counted in English, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and dividing, as well as both the year numbers of the jubilee, 1908 and 2018. Pupils also found a lot of information about the year 1908, events from the history of the country and the city of Prague, historical fashion from the time, famous people born in 1908, one of the students even found a bunch of his ancestors, who were in this school as pupils in its history.
Many of the presentations were also in German and French, languages taught in our school besides English, as second foreign languages. Our pupils also made formations at the school playground to create the numbers so important for the school. The numbers were recognisable from the top floor of the school, so we were able to take wonderful photo to put into the school yearbook.
This event will finish on October 24th in a school performance for the public.

VENUE: School (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Adults (in general), General public, Language learners, Language teachers, Media, Parents, Pupils, Young people (in general)

ORGANISER: ZŠ, Praha 13, Mládí 135
ADDRESS: Mládí, 15500 Praha, Czech Republic
CONTACT NAME: Norbert Tlusty


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