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Europäischer Tag der Sprachen/ European Day of Languages Saarbrücken

 Language festival, 27 Sep 2021 - 27 Sep 2021, Saarbrücken, Germany

Changing languages twice in one sentence — just the normal madness of working at the EU institutions. Do you have questions about the EU or its languages? The European Commission shall provide information on the spot. For example, did you know that there are 24 official EU languages and three working languages in the European Commission? We would like to invite you to the “European Day of Languages” on Monday 27 September 2021 from 09: 00-19: 30 at the Europa-Galerie (Trierer Strasse 1, 66111 Saarbrücken, Lichthof behind the historic ground floor staircase). Staff from the European Commission’s Regional Representation in Bonn, together with colleagues from Brussels and Luxembourg, will be on the spot for you for this one special day. The Regional Representation of the European Commission in Bonn will celebrate this year’s European Day of Languages at the Europa-Galerie Saarbrücken. Passersby will have the opportunity to pick up a wide range of free publications on the European Union in multiple languages between 9 am and 7:30 pm. We would of course also like, in compliance with all hygiene rules, to answer your questions about the EU. Even more importantly colleagues of the European Commission’s Translation Service as well as European Personnel Selection Office from Luxembourg and Brussels, are there to discuss in person how to get a job at the EU Commission, for example as a translator or interpreter, what the daily work of a translator is like, what traineeship opportunities exist, etc. Therefore, on 27 September you will have a unique opportunity to profit from first-hand experience. Every year for now 20 years on European Day of Languages, we also want to draw the attention to Europe’s rich linguistic and cultural diversity. With our partners from Europe Direct Saarbrücken, adult education service Saarbrücken and the Language Centre of the University of the Saarland, we would like to raise awareness of the importance of learning languages to promote intercultural understanding. Information on languages courses will be available, but you will also have the chance of winning small prizes on the spot. We would like to invite you to celebrate the European Day of Languages with us on 27 September and to learn about linguistic diversity, language learning and the European Union. Anyone from Germany who cannot make it to the Europa-Galerie on 27.09.2021 may order information or teaching resources free of charge. The Regional Representation of the European Commission in Bonn offers a wide range of free teaching materials. It’s perfectly easy to order online or by phone: Online: Https://, Telephone: 0228/5300957

Venue: Europa-Galerie (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Adults (in general) Language learners Pupils Children Language teachers Students General public Young people (in general) Participants in adult education programmes Parents

Organizer: Regionalvertretung der Europäischen Kommission Bonn
Estimated number of participants/people involved: 500
Address: Trierer Strasse 1, 66111, Saarbrücken, Germany
Contact Name: Judith Schilling
Contact Phone: 0049 228 53009 58

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