Eventos del Día Europeo de las Lenguas

Let's share and learn about languages

Multimedia, 26.09.2016 , Gijón, Spain

Online event organized in the framework of the Erasmus+ / eTwinning Project, IT@school.
Students and teacher from Campus Het Spoor (Mol, Belgium) and IES Emilio Alarcos (Gijón, Spain) share a video conference on the eTwinning Live platform (using Adobe Connect). Besides, they take part in some shared online activities using synchronous applications such as Answergarden, TitanPad, Kahoot and Padlet.


VENUE: IES Emilio Alarcos (Gijón) (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Language learners, Language teachers, Pupils, Students

ORGANISER: Francisco Prendes Veiga
ADDRESS: Desfiladero de los Arrudos, 1, 33212 Gijón, Spain
CONTACT NAME: Francisco Prendes Veiga
CONTACT EMAIL: franciscpv@educastur.org
WEBSITE: http://www.iesealarcos.es/ies/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=495:dia-europeo-de


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