The Big Success Story Hunt
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Participants can write down and send in their own success stories in learning English. On 26 Sept we publish the best stories. 30 gifts await for learners who submit a story here: The main goals: 1. show that we can learn from other students as well 2. point out best practices in learning 3. help learners remember and keep in mind their accomplishments 4. raise awareness of however small, insignificant or brief a success feels, it may provide a source of inspiration, motivation and strength to go on.

Event type:
Dissemination of good practice
18/09/2011 - 26/09/2011
Country of origin:
  • hu Hungary
Planned media coverage
our own newsletter (28.000 learners of English)
Target groups:
  • Adults (in general)
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Gabriella Szalai
38. Angol utca
1149 Phone+36-1-220-44-51
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