EDL world record:
Why do you love a (particular) language?

We are delighted to announce that in response to the EDL world record attempt we received 2742 amazing video clips from all over Europe and in fact the world. There are some fascinating reasons why people love a particular language – which you can discover in the videos on this page!
As such an exercise has never, to our knowledge, been carried out previously – we are proudly claiming that we have successfully established a new world record with the largest collection of videos ever assembled on the theme of languages. And it is YOU who made it possible!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who got involved in this initiative – you really showed that you do share our love of languages!

Image: WorldArtsMe

Finding your video

There are 17 films with a total playing time of over 11 hours. In order to find your video please search the pdf below for your file name. We have also included the file size and the name of the uploader, if available.

At the end of the list you will find all videos that could not be considered.

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