Plurilingualism: Identity and Diversity. An Integrated Language Plan. Seven European schools celebrate the European Day of Languages as the perfect start for their biennial Comenius Project 2010 – 2012!
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This very interesting and captivating multilateral partnership was designed and planned during a preparatory visit organised in Autumn 2009 in Jaca, Huesca, Comunidad de Aragon, Northern Spain; it was then approved for financing in June 2010. The Colegio Publico de Educaciòn Infantil y Primaria San Juan de la Peña, Jaca is the project’s coordinating school. 30 Ağustos İlköğretim Okulu, Izmir, Turkey; Kirkkomännikön koulu, Alavus, Finland; Şcoala Cu Clasele I – VIII Nicolae Balcescu, Oradea, Romania; Collège René Barjavel, Nyons, France; All Saints' Church of England Primary School, Cricklewood Lane, London, The United Kingdom and Direzione Didattica Statale I Circolo “San Filippo”, Città di Castello, Italia are the other six members of the partnership. The meaning of plurilingualism, the idea and the practice of the ‘European citizenship’ and of the intercultural dialogue, the role of the ICT in language learning and teaching will be thoroughly explored and researched during the next two years by the seven cooperating educational Institutions. The Common European Framework for Languages, the European Language Portfolio, the Autobiography for Intercultural Encounters, the Recommendation on the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning are amongst the reference tools that will be used to develop and implement an integrated language plan. Keywords such as ‘tolerance, citizenship, language, languages, communication’, students’, parents’ and teachers’ dreams, the way we use the language to create and have fun, the songs that bring joy to our lives will be studied, documented and shared. In addition, the working team is strongly involved to share the project’s framework with the so called ‘Third Countries’, according to the recent LLP proposal! South Australia, Queensland, Usa (Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, New York), Ecuador and Brazil are the Countries that are being involved in the sharing. Various educators of these Countries were invited to write ‘Letters to the European Educators’ in which they can describe human and professional experiences, views about education and plurilingualism, ideas for global citizenship, inspirations and creativity for European and Planetarian Unity and Peace. To have the right start the seven European schools celebrated the European Day of Language 2010 in the second part of September by sharing drawings, letters, postcards and photos. The Turkish school of Izmir organized an event involving the whole school community. Materials designed by the Council of Europe, ECML Graz, the Routes into Languages - University of Southampton and Europalive Project were precious resources for the 2010 EDL! Celebrations ideally continued in Città di Castello, Umbria region and in Rome (Spazio Europa, DGT European Commission) where eighteen Educators met for their first project visit! Our special thank you to the Representations of the European Commission in France, Belgium and Italy, to the Europe Direct Antenna Province of Europe, to 'Lavori in Corso' Association hosting organization of the Youth in Action Programme and many others!

1) Colegio Publico de Educaciòn Infantil y Primaria San Juan de la Peña, Jaca, Huesca, Aragòn, España
Type d'événement:
Projet d´école
02/08/2010 - 31/07/2012
Italy, France, Romania, Turkey, France II, Finland, United Kingdom, Spain
  • au Australie
  • br Brésil
  • es Espagne
  • us Etas-Unis
  • fi Finlande
  • fr France
  • it Italie
  • ro Roumanie
  • gb Royaume Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord
  • tr Turquie
Planned media coverage
local, regional, national, European, Global
Groupes cibles:
  • Apprenants en langues
  • Chercheurs
  • Elèves
  • Enfants
  • Enseignants en langues
  • Etudiants
  • Médias
  • Parents
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Mrs. Luisa Ferrer Ledesma - Colegio de Education Infantil Y Primaria – C.E.I.P. San Juan de la Peña
Calle San José de Calasanz 3
ES- 22700 Téléphone+34 974356370
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