Getting too personal? (2. Sprachenkongress Mitteldeutschlands)
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Some of the most interesting classroom activities are those which touch directly on learners’ personal experiences, beliefs and feelings. However, they carry with them the danger that learners may find them threatening or simply too demanding. This workshop explores some of the issues involved in using personal topics, and will consider how activities can be made
to involve students personally without becoming threatening. Both workshops will include examples from a range of sources, including the new Cambridge adult course English Unlimited.
Adrian Doff, München Klett Verlag

Volkshochschulverbände Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt und Thüringen
Type d'événement:
23/09/2011 - 23/09/2011
Volkshochschule Leipzig, Löhrstr. 3-7, 04105 Leipzig
  • de Allemagne
Groupes cibles:
  • Adultes (en général)
  • Enseignants en langues
  • Etudiants
  • Experts en langues
Champ d'action:
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