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 Exposition, 15 Sep 2016 - 30 Oct 2016, London, United Kingdom

Languitecture: an investigation into the migration, translation and evolution of language.

Seven practitioners from different cultural and professional backgrounds have joined together to explore interconnections of their four mother-tongues: Spanish, Arabic, English and German.

Language constantly evolves. Varying degrees of similarity between each of our languages is evidence of a rich history of language migration, shared genealogies, and comfortably forgotten histories of adjacency. In addition, connections persist between speech patterns and intonations of different languages. In this project we will reflect on this morphing principle through collaboration and interpretation of each other's work, spatially translating the pieces through different stages and artistic mediums.

Each author creates an original piece relating to at least two different languages, using one medium to explore the concept. For example, a piece that connects Spanish and Arabic will be interpreted by an artist using photography and passed on to a sculptor, and so forth. The working interpretations will be passed on as a copy, so it will be possible to see every morphing process, showing the process of interpretation and evolution. Eventually, there will emerge six original pieces, along with and six pieces that have been iterated and interpreted by each artist. A catalogue that documents the whole process will be edited and displayed as integral part of the exhibition.

This project is inspired by anthropology, philology and linguistics, and aims at naturally connecting to a broad audience because communication and reinvention of culture is a prevailing and current issue. The distinct academic and artistic qualifications of the artists also offer a wide range of approaches to the subject that will consequently invite a larger, more diverse audience to experience the story we create. Ultimately, this artistic research is an experiment on how different cultures might battle, influence, connect or align using a fundamental and universal element of culture: language. The project builds on the notion of art as a language of images and rhythms, and the authors are driven by the curiosity to witness an accelerated evolving layering of languages, cultures and media develop into space.

Languitecture is funded by Arts Council England, AFAC and P21 Gallery, and is supported by several cultural institutions including the British Library, European Union National Institutes for Culture EUNIC, the Cervantes Institute in London, Embassy of the Netherlands in London, Goethe Institute and the Arab British Center.
Additionally, the project is taking part in the International Translation day held at the British Library on 30th September 2016.

Venue: P21 Gallery, London (Show On Map)
Target groups:   Adults (in general) Business and commerce Language learners Researchers Pupils Children Language teachers Students Language experts General public Young people (in general) Media Participants in adult education programmes Policy deciders/politicians at national Parents Tourism

Organizer: Rawan Serhan
Address: 21-27 Chalton Street, NW1 1JD, London, United Kingdom
Contact Name: Rawan Serhan
Contact Phone: +447563359004

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