Events of the European Day of Languages

Teach me a few words in your language!

School project, 01.09.2016 - 31.10.2016, Fieni- Dâmboviţa, Romania

This is a collaborative project between european classes, initiated at european level by Pascale Darie-Brient (France) si Roberta Giangiuliani (Italy). Our project is carried out through the eTwinning platform.
On the occasion of the European Day of Languages (September, 26th), we’ll celebrate citizenship and linguistic diversity. For that, our students will have two activities to do:
- Firstly, they will create short videos where they will teach to other students a few words in their own language : hello, thank you, good bye, excuse-me (or pardon). Everyone can choose the apps to make the videos. These videos will be uploaded in a dedicated page in the twinspace to be watched by all other partners.
- Secondly, students will write these words in their own language and in english on a card. Then, they will send them to the other classes. Each class will make a display with these cards and share it in the twinspace.
On September 26th, we'll have a video-conference where students will tell the words they learnt and sing a song in english.

VENUE: "Diaconu Coresi" School, Class III C step by step (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Children, Pupils, Students

ORGANISER: Nicoleta-Ionela Doamna , Elena Istrate
ADDRESS: 41, Runcului street, 135100 Fieni- Dâmboviţa, Romania
CONTACT NAME: Nicoleta-Ionela Doamna
TELEPHONE: 0721 239 162


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