Events of the European Day of Languages

Be different! Open your mind to other cultures!

School project, 26.09.2016 - 03.10.2016, Teramo, Italy

The “European Day of Languages” is a highly symbolic event among the celebrating initiatives in the Member States, since it recalls the attention on a crucial aspect of the European integration process: the promotion of multilingualism as a driver of growth as well as an incentive to the intercultural dialogue.
Furthermore, it is an unique occasion for showing how the language issue concretely contributes to the process of building the European citizenship, which originates from the diversity but is fully achieved through the exchange and sense of belonging to common principles and values.
The Comprehensive School Institute “Falcone e Borsellino” Teramo 5 Villa Vomano – Basciano, in collaboration with the Europe Direct Centre Teramo, organizes for the “European Day of Languages 2016”, on 26th September, a set of activities aimed at communicating and disseminating the values of multilingualism and linguistic diversity.
Coherently with the above topics, the slogan ideated for this initiative will be: “Be different! Open your mind to other cultures!”.
The planned activities will be implemented with the pro-active involvement of the students from the participating schools and will consist in: the creation of billboards showing, through graphic and painting art, the many faces of multiculturalism; the execution of music pieces and songs belonging to the different national cultural traditions; the realization of translations of idiomatic expressions in various European official languages: the organization of practical workshops focused on food, clothing and monumental sites which are characteristic and distinctive of the different European Countries.
In the view of fostering the cultural integration of families within the society and local communities, parents of the present foreign students will be invited to narrate short stories and anecdotes in their respective native languages.
Finally, in a specific school, a reception and welcome program of refugees present in the area will be organized. This activity has a notable importance, since it aims at valorizing the social dimension of the linguistic diversity and educating the involved students on the mutual benefits deriving from a 360 degrees inclusion.

VENUE: Basciano, Val Vomano, Villa Vomano, Fornaci Cona, Brecciola (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: General public, Members of migrant communities / Speakers of minority or regional language(s), Students, Young people (in general)

ORGANISER: The Comprehensive School Institute Falcone e Borsellino Teramo 5 Villa Vomano – Basciano
ADDRESS: Via Della Chiesa - Villa Vomano, 64100 Teramo, Italy
CONTACT NAME: Prof.ssa Di Battista Stefania
TELEPHONE: 333 913 61 25


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