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Language Day, 19.09.2016 - 26.09.2016, Dambovita, Romania

Due to the fact that The European Day of Languages is celebrated in so many countries, we've decided to create a pocket dictionary of homonyms in 5 different languages, Romanian, English, French, Italian and Spanish, representing the main activity of this project. Our students will realize how important is to use words correctly in different context. The second activity is designing a map of Europe with the flags and greetings written on each flag. This activity has the aim to stick the location of each country in Europe and to raise interest in travelling for our students. Some students will present information about languages spoken in Europe and which are the most used ones. We will organize a contest, just for the students to have fun, trying to pronounce as fast as possible "tongue twisters". In the end, they will sing songs in English, French and Romanian and get diplomas and flags of different countries.

VENUE: Scoala Gimnaziala Tatarani (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Language learners, Language teachers

ORGANISER: Ionela Tincu
ADDRESS: Main Road, Tatarani, 137440 Dambovita, Romania
CONTACT NAME: Ionela Tincu
TELEPHONE: 0040766694833


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