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Tibetan flags

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Web Activity, 26.09.2016

Students from both schools, in SAN GIOVANNI LA PUNTA, Sicily and Oradea, Romania created Tibetan flags with messages of peace and friendship that will transmit directly to one another via Skip, September 26.
"European Day of Languages is a manifestation celebrating linguistic diversity, multilingualism and language learning throughout life. The main objective of this event is drawing the attention of students on the importance of native and foreign language learning, but also raise awareness of the existence and value of languages spoken in Europe, encouraging their learning. The activities that we have organized stimulated students' interest in European countries and European linguistic diversity "


TARGET GROUPS: Adults (in general), Children, General public, Parents, Policy deciders/politicians at national, regional or local level, Students, Young people (in general)

ORGANIZER: Istituto Comprensivo "G. FALCONE" SAN GIOVANNI LA PUNTA ITALIA, SICILIA & Școala Gimnazială ”Oltea Doamna” Oradea Romania
ADDRESS: Via PISA - P.zza GIOVANNI XXIII - 95037 & PARCUL TRAIAN, NR 16, 410605 Oradea, Romania
TELEPHONE: 0744400542

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