Events of the European Day of Languages

Languages Matter

Pilot project, 26.09.2017 , Ljubljana, Slovenia

All languages matter, yours as well!
In the network of European countries, which celebrate their linguistic and cultural diversity on 26th September each year, Slovenia is joining in. On the European Day of Languages, the events are planned to take place at thirty primary and secondary schools as well as universities in their immediate environment. The main ideas of these events is to share the importance of learning different languages and their cultures, which is the most attractive way to learn languages. They will raise issues of maintaining languages and their cultures as well as the potenitals of building the coexistence of diversity in a dialogue and in a mutual understanding.

In the project LANGUAGES MATTER (JeŠT), financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the European Social Fund, 32 partners are trying to create a plurilingual-friendly environment in Slovenia, and the European Day of Languages is the first act of reaching this goal. This is the first major event of the six-year project (2017-2022), which will through its interventions, research and studies design models and instruments to support a democratically-based langauge and culture policy of Slovenia.
The participating schools are placed on the interactive map, which can be found at where you can learn about the events of that day at a particular school.
You are invited to celebrate with us!

VENUE: 30 institutions across Slovenia (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Children, General public, Language experts, Language learners, Language teachers, Parents, Policy deciders/politicians at national, regional or local level, Pupils, Students

ORGANISER: Languages Mater Project Group
ADDRESS: Kardeljeva ploscad 16, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
CONTACT NAME: Karmen Pizorn, project leader


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2017's 'most innovative event' is “Let's promote diversity – the European Day of Languages” from Poland! The event received 1702 votes and was organised by Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Żarach. Congratulations to the winners!

We were most impressed by the creativity and great effort which went into organising the events submitted. We would like to thank all organisers of events as well as congratulating those who received the most votes in their country!