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Languages in a Biblical way...

Language Day, 26.09.2017 , Praha, Czech Republic

Project day presenting the first 100 world languages to 6-15year old pupils. Every language is presented as a "brick" of the Babylonian tower made from a cardboard box and illustrated with colours and objects related to the chosen language. Further activities are short sketches about misunderstandings caused due to speaking in different languages and Art project for the 6-11year old pupils based on the creation of Noah's Ark full of animals with their names in all the official European languages.

VENUE: Základní škola, Praha 13, Mládí 135 (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Children, Pupils

ORGANISER: Základní škola, Praha 13, Mládí 135
ADDRESS: Mládí 135, 15500 Praha, Czech Republic
CONTACT NAME: Tomas Klinka
TELEPHONE: 00420235515464
WEBSITE: http://zsmladi.cz


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