Meроприятия Европейского Дня Языков

Celebrating the European Day of Languages

 Language Day, 25 сен 2017 - 27 сен 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

Pupils aged 9-12 celebrated the European Day of Languages in their English classes. Fourth grade pupils made 2 posters: 1) one with flags of different countries forming a bridge which connects people in different parts of the world and 2) the word "love" and "I love you" in different languages in the shape of a big heart. Pupils of the fifth grade made posters with facts concerning languages around the world. Sixth grade pupils made an air balloon with messages about the value of learning languages focusing on the message "take off with languages". They also made a poster with umbrellas and words in various languages with their French teacher. Everything was exhibited in the school hall.

Venue: 88th Primary School of Thessaloniki (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Children

Organizer: 88th Primary School of Thessaloniki
Address: Zambeliou 2-4, 54248, Thessaloniki, Greece
Contact Name: Giazasi Elisavet, Gekousidou Sofia, Syropoulou katerina
Contact Phone: 2310826959

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