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SprachenWeb2030: Let's Brick!

 Language Day, 24 Xuñ 2019 - 27 Set 2019, St. Pölten, Austria

Children (age 5-6 ) are creating the European web of languages with LEGO bricks and UN SDGs with the IkuBi2030-methods and materials. The activities include the talk sessions on Europe, UN SDGs, LEGO Serious Play compositions with multilingual storytelling, dance, construction of the Tree of languages in partnership with families, creation of the eUROPE place and IkuBi2030-Play*Well-table with constructing bricks and language treasury box, visit and Talk sessions by Europe office in St. Pölten, first Language celebration in June, second celebration in September on 26th in partnership with families/parents. UN SDGs are the common web of values.

A multinational group of children in the kindergarden are learning to unify values within the multilingual landscape and to practice their shared language heritage in all varieties and get introduced to various European languages with new media, books and bricks.. Development and practice of attentive relations to and within the natural and social environment, the development of educational partnerships and cooperative strategies are the main goals. Thinking Europe as a kindergarten, with various groups of children, different environments and interior, rules and regulations, rituals and educational culture, children can gain first knowledge and experience of the larger community and become more familiar with countries, cultures and languages across Europe and strengthen their sense of belonging within a larger community. Let´s brick all resources within the common frame of values: by multilingual talk sessions and language plays on the UN SDGs. All activities will be summarised in a map and in some recorded "Let´s brick!-- radio sessions with short stories.

See more about IkuBi2030 here: www.tatjana-christelbauer.com/ikubi-ii

Venue: NÖ Landeskindergarten Klostergasse 19 (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Business and commerce Language learners Researchers Children Language teachers Students Language experts General public Media Members of migrant communities / Speakers of minority or regional language(s) Policy deciders/politicians at national Parents

Organizer: Tatjana Christelbauer
Address: Klostergasse19, 3019, St. Pölten, Austria
Contact Name: Tatjana Christelbauer

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