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Accepting and promoting linguistic diversity!

 Language Week, 25 sep 2020 - 02 okt 2020, Patras, Greece

The 44 students of the first year in our Senior High School became acquainted with the E.D.L. through an introductory lesson involving reading an article about this special day and doing tasks on it. They were then asked to present short language courses on a European language of their choice with emphasis on languages others than the ones offered at school according to the national curriculum. They were also asked to think of mottos that promote the message of the day and create posters which were then pinned on the announcement board of the school creating in this way an information point that raised the whole school's awareness on the issue of 'linguistic tolerance'.

Venue: Experimental Senior High School of Patras University (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Language learners Students

Organizer: Experimental Senior High School of Patras University
Estimated number of participants/people involved: 44
Address: Ilias Politis St.. Magoula, Rion, 26504, Patras, Greece
Contact Name: Maria Krithi

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2019's 'most innovative event' is
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The event received 1000+ votes and was organised by Colegiul Național "Ștefan cel Mare".

Congratulations to the winners!

We were most impressed by the creativity and great effort which went into organising the events submitted and would like to thank all organisers of EDL events in 2019.