Події Європейського дня мов

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International Day

 Celebration, 03 Лют 2023, Oxford, Великобританія

Celebrating all the different languages and cultures in the school community. Children will take part in workshops and activities planned around a specific country. Parents will come and hold stalls to represent the country they are from. The children will come and visit the stalls and learn lots of brilliant facts about the different countries and languages.

Venue: Chandlings Prep School (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Adults (in general) Children Parents

Organizer: Chandlings Prep School
Estimated number of participants/people involved: 350
Address: Bagley Wood, Nr Boars Hill, , OX1 5ND, Oxford, Великобританія
Contact Name: Laurence Pasquini

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20 ideas for this year's European Day of Languages

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20 ideas for this year's European Day of Languages

Struggling to find ideas for an event for this year’s European Day of Languages? It can be challenging to organise events that are fun, inclusive, have an educational element and motivate a large number of people. Below are a few ideas to get your creative thoughts flowing, most of which are based on the principle of “starting small to go big”! 20 ideas for activities that can be carried in celebration of this year's EDL.
Найінноваційнішою подією 2022 року стала
European Days of Languages at Šrobárova

Подія набрала понад 500 голосів і була організована Gymnázium, Šrobárova 1, Košice, Slovensko.

Вітаємо переможців!

Нас найбільше вразили креативність та великі зусилля, спрямовані на організацію поданих заходів, і ми хотіли б подякувати усім організаторам заходів ЄДМ у 2022 році.