Events of the European Day of Languages

City game and sleep-over party

Language Day, 29.09.2017 - 30.09.2017, Warsaw, Poland

Our school wants to celebrate the European Day of Languages on 29th September.
On that day there will be on lessons, just fun and games.
The event starts in the school gym where classes will be challenged with some team games and quizzes plus some kind of integrative activities. Then, the teams (classes with their form teachers) take part in the city game - they will be asked to get to 5 different places in Warsaw. When they get to the first spot, they have to find the clues to go to another place. They will help from their form teachers. When each class will come back to school, there is going to be a party with quizzes and some snacks to eat (prepared and brought by students and their parents). At the end of the day, students will sleep over at school. But before this, there is gonna be a film night. The next day, each class is responsible for cleaning their class and go home to have some sleep, because the event takes place on Friday, so when they wake up in the morning, the weekend will greet them ;-)

VENUE: John Kasprowicz Primary School no. 298 in Warsaw (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Children, General public, Language learners, Language teachers, Pupils, Students

ORGANISER: Krzysztof Richter
ADDRESS: Krakusa 2, 03-390 Warsaw, Poland
CONTACT NAME: Krzysztof Richter


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