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Ucz się języków- nie bądź offline!

 Celebration, 26 Sep 2018 - 03 Oct 2018, Strzelce, Poland

Firstly, younger classes together with their teachers and parents worked out materials answering the question: ‘Why do we learn foreign languages’ which were held at the school corridor as well as prepared posters entitled ‘Languages open the door to Europe’. Secondly, each class ( with the form teacher and parents) prepared a live presentation such as a fashion show, a music show,a sport event , a restaurant, etc. concerning one of the European countries and its culture . It turned out to be a huge school celebration where children’s abilities and skills were presented .There was a lot of fun and laugh, too.The event finished with the language quiz for youngsters and teachers who were asked to answer the question „ In how many languages can you say good morning, I love you or count to ten?” .Finally, there was also a presentation of European buildings designed by our pupils. Now, we can surely say that our pupils as well as teachers and parents learn foreign languages, which means they aren’t offline!

Venue: Strzelce (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Pupils Parents

Organizer: Szkoła Podstawowa im.K.K.Baczyńskiego
Address: Strzelce 2, 58-123, Strzelce, Poland
Contact Name: Marta Kondzior
Contact Phone:

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