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Day Full of Languages

 Language festival, 08 Oct 2019 - 08 Oct 2019, Rimavská Baňa, Slovakia

The main aim of this event was to aquaint our pupils with culture of several Europe Union countries. Our teachers with their class-pupils prepared presentations, projects with interesting facts and many different activities about these countries - Slovak republic, Czech republic, Croatia, Switzerland +Germany and Austria, The United Kingdom + Republic of Ireland. We introduced culture of countries, which used to speak russian language, too. Pupils and guests tried to write in azbuka - Russian language, they sang some songs, too. Moreover we introduced gypsy language and customs to our pupils, they tried gypsy´s traditional food - bokele and pišota. In "Slovakia class" we welcomed the guests with bread and salt, pupils and guests also tried our traditional musical instrument - fujara. In "Czech class" pupils played games or listened to Karel Gott. In "Croatia class" they explored natural beauties of the country, the beautiful seaside and mountains, they picked up basic croatian vocabulary and especially some funny croatian expressions. In "German speaking countries class" pupils watched presentations and learned few basic words - numbers, animals, colours. In "English speaking class" pupils and guests heard about countries of The United Kingdom, they liked the legend of The Giant´s causeway or Irish laprechaun. They also tried irish dance. We all enjoyed this day !

Venue: Fľaková 8 (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Pupils Language teachers Parents

Organizer: Zš s Mš Juraja Palkoviča Rimavská Baňa
Estimated number of participants/people involved: 100
Address: Fľaková 8, 98053, Rimavská Baňa, Slovakia
Contact Name: Denisa Šuleková

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