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 School project, 26 Sep 2022 - 23 Dec 2022

On the occasion of the EEG, we have started a project in our kindergarten with the aim of bringing the children into contact with other languages and understanding their value. We created a corresponding conceptual map and discussed about the usefulness of knowing languages other than our mother tongue. We also learned about the occasions where languages are useful, how and when we use them and the reason why we use them. The children participated in the project with successful observations and in the end the final product was very good. Moreover, we combined the usefulness of knowing English when we surf the internet (a program that we have been running in parallel). We wanted to listen to the sounds of other languages, so we invited adults who either speak a foreign language or who lived abroad at some point or who simply come from a different country. On the day of their visit, a traditional fairy tale of the respective country was read by our guests in the relevant language and at the end the children drew what impressed them most. The most beautiful was chosen in order to make a poster. Of course, the title of the fairy tale was also written by the children, always in the respective language. The drawings of the fairy tales and their titles composed a poster that was hung in different places in our neighborhood so that the children could feel satisfaction for their effort. We learned simple words like "hello", "goodbye", "thank you", "what are you doing" and "be our friend". The last one became our motto and was sent to a T-shirt competition. Of course, the phrase was not chosen by chance. It emerged through our discussions about how children from other countries feel and how they spend their time at school. The children also said if they would like to have friends from other parts of the world and what they would say if they met them. Every day, we say "good morning" in nine different languages (English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Swahili sign). What’s more, during our daily schedule we use the phrases "thank you" and "sorry" because in this way we are given the opportunity for an easier and immediate consolidation. This program has not come to an end but even today we learn Christmas wishes in different languages because the message of Christmas belongs to the whole world.

Target groups:  Pupils

Organizer: 3rd kindergarten oraiokastro thessaloniki
Estimated number of participants/people involved: 32
Contact Name: 3rd kindergarten oraiokastro thessaloniki

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