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European Day of Languages

 Language Day, 26 Sep 2024, Burovac, Serbia

In our school, we decided to celebrate the European Day of Languages as a thematic day. The following subjects are included in this thematic day: English Language, German Language, Serbian Language and Literature, Physical Education and Health, and Art. At the beginning of the day, students will receive a "language diary": Each student will get their own "language diary" where they will record new words, phrases, and interesting facts they learn throughout the day. At the end of the day, students can share their experiences and discoveries with others. In the school lobby, there will be a Multi-language Wall: a large board or wall where students can write their favorite words or phrases in English and German. The school lobby will be divided into two parts to create thematic stations: English Corner: Transformed into Victorian London. Students can learn about English culture through role-playing, dramatization of famous works, traditional games, and customs of that time. German Corner: Transformed into Bavaria during Oktoberfest. Students will learn German through games, songs, and traditional dances, as well as stories about German inventions and famous personalities. Interactive Workshop: Culinary Workshop: Preparing traditional dishes from English and German-speaking countries. Students can learn the names of ingredients and preparation instructions in all languages. Art Corner: A workshop where students create art inspired by the culture and customs of English, German, and Vlach-speaking countries. For example, making English tea sets or German carnival masks. Virtual Excursions: Using VR technology or projectors, students will be able to virtually "visit" key places in England and Germany. Language Obstacle Course: An obstacle course will be organized in the schoolyard where students must complete a task in one of the two foreign languages at each obstacle. This could be a simple quiz, finding words, or answering questions. The school day will end with a joint event in the school lobby where students will present their language diaries and talk about everything they learned throughout the day. Through these activities, students will learn more about languages and cultures in an interactive and fun way, developing respect and interest in linguistic diversity.

Venue: Osnovna skola "Sveta Mihajlovic" (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Language teachers

Organizer: Language teacher
Estimated number of participants/people involved: 46
Address: Kralja Petra bb, 12306, Burovac, Serbia
Contact Name: Aleksandra Jankovic

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