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Kids, let’s learn foreign languages!

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Language festival, 22.09.2014 - 05.06.2015

On June 5th of the current school year, the 4th, 5th and 6th grade students of our school celebrated in their own way two important dates: the 26th September and the 9th May, the Day of Europe. The event that took place in the school premises was also attended by classes of the 10th Primary school, which is housed under the same school roof.
The project “Kids, let’s learn foreign languages!” was initiated at the start of the school year, triggered by the European Day of Languages; it incorporated the Day of Europe as an inextricably linked concept and was rounded up with the celebrational event at the end of the school year.
During the event, which focused on the three languages being taught at the school (English, German, French) the students of the 5th & 6th grade classes passed on to the audience all the information they had gathered through the year with reference to what we celebrate on these two days, presented both the knowledge they acquired from their research and exploration of the internet (countries of the E.E., capital cities, languages, maps, sightseeings, symbols, etc) and their artistic creations (maps, posters, collage, signs for the school premises, game-cards) combining explanatory description via PowerPoint presentation with videos, slideshows and photos, invited the audience to take part in funny interactive knowledge games created with Scratch, drew students of other classes and parents into quiz games, expressed themselves musically by singing a song in its German, French, English and Greek version and became the cause for a whole school to have a dynamic presence in traditional games and an action song, both of which were taught to the entire school community by students in the role of teachers.
Two sub-projects were also integrated in the basic project. The 6th grade class, having been taught the German language for the second year, grabbed the opportunity to experiment itself with the theatre, presenting the short comedy “A crazy classroom” in German, while the audience had the chance to follow the sketch with the help of a PowerPoint presentation with Greek subtitles, whereas the 4th grade class took advantage of the day to communicate a grand slogan: that of protecting animals under extinction.
The primary goal of the implementation of the whole project was the conveyance of the message to the students that nowadays it is necessary to learn at least two foreign languages from an early age, as the expansion of multilingualism, cultural diversity and inter-cultural understanding constitute a given reality.

TARGET GROUPS: Children, Language learners, Parents, Pupils

ORGANIZER: 6th Primary School of Naoussa, Greece
ADDRESS: Fil. Kokkinou 17, 59200 ,
CONTACT NAME: Dimitriadou Christina
TELEPHONE: 2332028009

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