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Together for future

Competition/Tournament, 26.09.2016 , Oradea, Romania

This event is going to inquire our students' knowledge and skills.
Groups of three students, from different classes will have to compete with their mates.
The competition is organised into three steps.
First, a quiz, "Who knows more about Europe/"
Second, a drawing,"Our future world"
Third, each group will have to sing a song, or say a poem or act something in two different languages ( one which is learnt at school, and the other one not spoken in our country)
At the beginning of the event, language teachers will introduce some information about the day, the importance of celebrating this day; at the end the headteacher will speak about the event and congratulate them for everything they have done.
The event will be promoted on our school's site,local newspaper.

VENUE: Secondary School nr.16 (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Language teachers, Pupils

ORGANISER: Secondary School nr.16
ADDRESS: .4 Calugareni, 410415 Oradea, Romania
CONTACT NAME: Sotoc Monica-Gabriela
TELEPHONE: 0040 726 776 552


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