Events of the European Day of Languages

We all smile in the same language

Celebration, 26.09.2017 , Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal

There will be three main events during this day:
1) Teachers organize a teachers' room party - the Language Department (Portuguese, English and French) offer typical food from the country languages they teach. During breaks along the day and at lunch time all teachers and school staff from school can join.
2) Students will watch a movie at the school auditorium - The "Pink Panther" American comedy film - a French inspector investigating a crime in USA - actors pronunciation is a reason to laugh during the film and then teachers can work pronunciation aspects in the classroom in a creative way.
3) Exhibition at the library and in the school hall - posters with sayings/idioms/cultural aspects from different European countries created by students during the week before about EDL.

VENUE: Agrupamento de Escolas Cego do Maio (Show on map)
TARGET GROUPS: Adults (in general), Language learners, Language teachers, Pupils, Students

ORGANISER: Language Department
ADDRESS: R. Belarmino Pereira, 4490-609 Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
TELEPHONE: 252 290 960


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2017's 'most innovative event' is “Let's promote diversity – the European Day of Languages” from Poland! The event received 1702 votes and was organised by Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Żarach. Congratulations to the winners!

We were most impressed by the creativity and great effort which went into organising the events submitted. We would like to thank all organisers of events as well as congratulating those who received the most votes in their country!