Events of the European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages

Language Day, 26.09.2018 , Płock, Poland

This year Zespół Szkół Technicznych celebrates the European Languages Day on the 26th of September by involving students of our school in various games and activities prepared by all foreign language teachers. Our aim is to highlight the importance of the knowledge of foreign languages among students and broaden their knowledge about European Union countries – their languages, culture and traditions. Each of the activities implements modern technology, e.i. QR codes, Kahoot- an online quiz tool, and others. The agenda of the event includes the following:
‘Why is it worth to learn foreign languages?’ - a funny, entertaining show presenting why it is important to learn languages. Students from our school will present different everyday situations in which the knowledge of foreign languages is crucial. The purpose of the show is to entertain the audience and let them think seriously about foreign language education at the same time. After the show, there will be a quiz checking the students' knowledge of the languages and flags of European countries.
‘Kahoot and languages’ – a game based online quiz with multiple-choice questions about the European Day of Languages. Students will use smartphones connected to the internet to give their answers.
‘One-day trip around Europe’ – a location-based game in which each group of students will receive a ticket for a one-day trip around Europe. The game consists of 12 stops – in the most beautiful corners of European cities, where students will have to face various tasks related to culture, traditions and languages.
In order to promote the event students and teachers prepared beautiful decorations such as: flags, banners and posters which are already placed all over the school.

VENUE: Zespół Szkół Technicznych w Płocku (Show on map)

ORGANISER: Zespół Szkół Technicznych w Płocku
ADDRESS: Al. Kilińskiego 4, 09-402 Płock, Poland


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