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The Happy Prince

 Language Day, 05 Sep 2019 - 08 Oct 2019, Podgorica, Montenegro

Eight grade students of Maksim Gorki Elementary School played The Happy Prince in English. The happy prince draws the attention of passersby for his splendor and beauty. However, he reveals that he was mistaken in thinking that his people were happy. Talking to Swallow, who turns out to be his only friend, reveals all the misery in society. The action is dynamic, the scenes change quickly. In addition to convincing replicas, the students demonstrated enviable acting skills through mimicry and gesture. The costumes were interestingly designed, and the additional props were very effective. 20 students participated in the play. The show lasts 20-25 minutes.

Venue: Elementary School "Maksim Gorki" (Show On Map)
Target groups:  Language learners Pupils Children Young people (in general) Parents

Organizer: Lidija Banovic, Danijela Perisic
Estimated number of participants/people involved: 20
Address: Ivana Vujosevica 1, 81000, Podgorica, Montenegro
Contact Name: Lidija Banovic
Contact Phone: +38267449555

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