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The Social Climber

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Show/Theatre, 04.09.2011 - 29.10.2011

The Social Climber is an English-language adaptation of Molière's rarely performed (outside France) play, Le Bourgeois gentilhomme. The play is neglected because successful production demands musical resources beyond the means of most 21st century theatre producers. Without the music (of Molière's collaborator in the project, Jean-Baptiste Lully), Le Bourgeois gentilhomme is structurally weak, because the first two acts are only tenuously connected with the action of the play that follows in Acts III - V. The play's neglect is unjust: it is late Molière (1670), full of wonderful characters and brilliant comedy; its satire on the evergreen theme of social climbing justifies pride of place in the canon of Molière satires: misanthropy, hypocrisy, greed, etc. This adaptation, by British poet Paddy Gormley, makes the play accessible to modern audiences by reordering the scenes of the play into a concise two-act structure, while transforming the text into energetic, modern English rhyming verse.

TARGET GROUPS: Adults (in general), General public, Language learners, Language teachers, Media, Participants in adult education programmes, Pupils, Researchers, Students

ORGANIZER: Logos Theatre Company
ADDRESS: 182 Charlton Road, London ,
CONTACT NAME: Paddy Gormley
TELEPHONE: +4420 8319 4276

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