EDL T-Shirts

Diese T-Shirts für den diesjährigen Europäischen Tag der Sprachen können Sie über spreadshirts.com beziehen: 

I received the t-shirts last Friday. The quality is amazing! You have chosen a very high quality fabric. Most white t-shirts are more or less see through, and these aren't. Well done!

A comment we were sent about the 2018 t-shirts

EDL T-Shirt Wettbewerb

Schick uns deinen Designvorschlag für das offizielle EDL T-Shirt 2019!

Details dazu hier

EDL T-shirt contest winner 2018

The winner of the 2018 EDL T-shirt contest is Emily Van Cantfort from Belgium. Congratulation! 

"I first studied graphic design and then started studying office management. As part of an assignment at a language exchange, we held our own competition for the best t-shirt design. I eventually won this, so I decided to also take part in the real competition. Luckily!"