The official EDL T-shirt

The following T-shirts can be ordered with our partner for the European Day of Language. We have chosen flex print for the print quality. 

I received the t-shirts last Friday. The quality is amazing! You have chosen a very high quality fabric. Most white t-shirts are more or less see through, and these aren't. Well done!

A comment we were sent about the 2018 t-shirts

EDL T-shirt contest

Send us your design/image/graphic and have your layout on the official EDL T-shirt!

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EDL T-shirt contest winner 2020

The winner of the 2020 EDL T-shirt contest is Catalina María Puebla Coenen from Spain. Congratulations!

"To make the design of this T-shirt, I was inspired by European languages which are symbolically lines that connect people by giving touches of glittering colours to our lives. I think the T-shirt fits perfectly with the philosophy of the competition."

EDL T-shirt contest winner 2019

The winner of the 2019 EDL T-shirt contest is Emilė Žandauskaitė from Lithuania. Congratulations!

"This task was a completely new experience for me as I got acquainted with modern forms of art. As a result it encouraged me to keep looking for more as well as setting my creativity free. I drew what I felt and what seemed to be the best at that exact moment. I wanted to create something interesting and that could reflect the main idea of the contest. Winning  the contest dispelled all my doubts about what I am capable of and I am truly happy about it."

Vincitrice 2018


The La vincitrice del concorso per la maglietta della Giornata Europea delle Lingue 2018 è Emily Van Cantfort dal Belgio. Congratulazioni! 

"Prima di iniziare a studiare Office Management ho studiato Graphic Design. Come esercizio durante uno scambio linguistico, tenemmo un concorso interno per il miglior design per la maglietta. Vinsi questa competizione e quindi decisi di partecipare anche al concorso vero e proprio. Per fortuna!"