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Evénements de la Journée européenne des langues

Look at me, I am beautiful

Spectacle/théâtre, 05.09.2011 - 26.09.2011

The preparations started on the first day of school, i.e. September 5th 2011. First we decided on the role that each of our pupils would have in the play. Then we made masks and costumes in our Art lesson. After that we made posters representing 5 different countries (Croatia, Spain, Italy, Germany and England) because these 5 languages are taught in our school. The posters were used as the background scenery for our play. The story was about Rod, The Frog who wasn't happy with his green colour and wanted to be somebody else (The Butterfly, The Parrot or The Bluebird), so he travelled around Europe in search of The Witch who would turn him into one of these beautiful creatures. In each of these countries he spoke different languages. The Witch, who lived in England, at the end of the rainbow, fullfiled 3 of his wishes but he wasn't happy. Finally she had to turn him back into The Frog and he realized how beautiful he really was. We also used songs and music and some younger pupils did some hip-hopping and rapping. Pupils from three other schools were also invited, as well as their teachers and parents.

GROUPES CIBLES: Enseignants en langues, Parents, Elèves

ORGANISATEUR: Grabrik Primary School, Karlovac, Croatia
ADRESSE: OS Grabrik, Bartula Kasica 15, 47000 ,
NOM DU CONTACT: Bozica Krpes-Pregun
TÉLÉPHONE: +385 091 590 6367


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L'événement le plus novateur de 2017 vient de Pologne : « Promouvons la diversité – Journée européenne des langues » (« Let's promote diversity – the European Day of Languages »). L'événement, organisé par Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Żarach, a reçu 1 702 votes. Félicitations aux gagnants !

Nous avons été très impressionnés par la créativité des organisateurs d’événements et les efforts déployés pour les mettre en place. Nous tenons à remercier tous les acteurs et félicitons ceux qui ont obtenu le plus de voix dans leur pays !