Nyelvek Európai Napja (EDL) póló verseny

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 ide kerül!

Send us your design/image/graphic and have your layout on the official EDL T-Shirt!

  1. Please keep in mind that the design should be about languages, not countries. So please don't use flags or similar.
  2. You can use up to 3 colours.
  3. If you have versions using different colours, send all of them in one email, we will select the ones that we like the most.
  4. Keep in mind that we need a simple design that is not too complex or that has small details. This will increase printing quality.
  5. The design cannot go over the seams of the t-shirt, it must be placed on the front. Keep in mind that the maximum printing surface is 30 cm x 30 cm
  6. The design cannot contain third party copyright logos or material.
  7. By sending us the design you agree that we can use it free of charge on our websites, on the t-shirts and on promotional media (such as Facebook or flyers). Of course we will always add your name to it.
  8. Submission deadline: 31 December .
The winner will also receive up to 10 t-shirts to give to his/her classmates!

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Minden jog fenntartva ezen anyagok közzétételére. Hozzájárulok, hogy az Európa
Tanács Modern Nyelvek Európai Központja ( European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe– ECML) felhasználhatja anyagaimat a Nyelvek Európai Napja (EDL) honlapján, a Facebookon és a Youtube-on a Nyelvek Európai Napja népszerűsítése céljából.

Szeretnénk megköszönni minden jelentkezőnek a részvételt. A több mint 2000 beérkezett pályamű között rengeteg kiváló terv szerepelt, így rendkívül nehéz feladatnak bizonyult, hogy idén csak egy győztest válasszunk!

EDL T-shirt contest winners 2022

A 2022-es év EDL-póló tervezésére kiírt pályázat nyertese a lengyel származású  Dominika Maj. Gratulálunk!

"I’m a graphic design high school student (ZSE-T im. Cichociemnych, Gliwice / Poland). My goal was to create a universal theme, understandable to everyone, regardless of their origin. The light bulb symbol alludes to creativity and self-discovery through collaboration with other people. Knowledge of languages allows us not only to communicate, but above all to develop. Participation in the competition was a great opportunity for me to prove myself and create something on my own - for everyone."

A 2022-es év EDL-póló tervezésére kiírt pályázat második nyertese a romániai  Oana Cătălina Neag. Gratulálunk!

"I made this design thinking about the diversity we have in Europe both in language and culture. Through the three different shapes which I animated with different expressions, I tried to evoke the idea of conversation and the fact that this day, the European Day of Languages, gives us the opportunity to realize that we are all Europeans, even if we have different "shapes" we all have something to learn from each other and the fastest way is through conversation."

Ötlet iskolai tanárok számára: hozzon létre egy online faliújságot, hogy megmutassa az összes tervet. Lásd a következő példát a Cité scolaire du Couserans középiskolából, Ariège, Franciaországból.

Idén sok kiváló kreatív terv érkezett hozzánk - kár, hogy csak egy győztesünk lehet. Íme néhány példa....

Dávid Szőke

Federica Ferrini

Namitraj Pruthi

Hana Stonová Prančlová
República Txeca

Francesca Scocco

Julia Bugárová

Scurtu Diana Mirabela

Butilica Roberto

Tomiris Tkatova

Nela Tokárová

Ines Ozogányová

Enrico Guarise

Christina Apostolidy

Lucas Oliveira

Julia Baranek

Denis Repka

Jessika Fontanive

Robert Andrei Sandu

Ralitsa Totseva

Isabel Palma Vázquez

EDL T-shirt contest winner 2021

The winner of the 2021 EDL T-shirt contest is Tímea Svetková from Slovakia. Congratulations!

"As a student of graphic design, I wanted to make something creative and simple at the same time. One of my first ideas was to create a mascot, that would perfectly capture this competition and what other animal than parrot? Parrot for me represents an animal that can talk in every single language, if you teach him. Under his wings he unites languages and therefore for me it represents unity the most. This competition was a great opportunity for me to make something meaningful in a modern artform."

Algunes trameses per al concurs del DEL 2021

Lenka Karšaiová

Matouš Jan Vrba
República Txeca

Aleksandra Milojković

Manuela Teixeira 

Irene Morro Ramos 

Elisa Esposito 

Dilek Bekiroglou 

Julie Cancellaro 
República Txeca 

Henrique Ribeiro 

Jéssica Simões 

Darya Neznamova 
Federació Russa

Janina Tschabitscher 

Laura Farkas 

Alexandra Iosif 

Nina Rebecca Vitalošová 

Sophia Leopold-Muresan

Az EDL póló verseny 2020-as győztese

A 2020-as EDL póló verseny győztese Catalina Maria Puebla Coenen  Spanyolországból. Gratulálunk!

"To make the design of this T-shirt, I was inspired by European languages which are symbolically lines that connect people by giving touches of glittering colours to our lives. I think the T-shirt fits perfectly with the philosophy of the competition."

Catalina Maria Puebla Coenen

EDL T-shirt contest winner 2019

The winner of the 2019 EDL T-shirt contest is Emilė Žandauskaitė from Vilnius Abraomas Kulvietis Classical Gymnasium/ Lithuania. Congratulation!

"This task was a completely new experience for me as I got acquainted with modern forms of art. As a result it encouraged me to keep looking for more as well as setting my creativity free. I drew what I felt and what seemed to be the best at that exact moment. I wanted to create something interesting and that could reflect the main idea of the contest. Winning the contest dispelled all my doubts about what I am capable of and I am truly happy about it."

EDL T-shirt contest winner 2018

The winner of the 2018 EDL T-shirt contest is Emily Van Cantfort from Belgium. Congratulations!

"I first studied graphic design and then started studying office management. As part of an assignment at a language exchange, we held our own competition for the best t-shirt design. I eventually won this, so I decided to also take part in the real competition. Luckily!"