Virallinen Euroopan kielten päivän T-paita

Seuraavat T-paidat voi tilata yhteistyökumppanimme spreadshirts.com avulla vuoden 2019 Euroopan kielten päivää varten. Olemme valinneet flex-painatuksen tulostuksen laadun vuoksi.

EDL T-shirt contest

Send us your design/image/graphic and have your layout on the official EDL T-shirt!

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EDL T-shirt contest winner 2023 

The winner of the 2023 EDL T-shirt contest is Alžbeta Šáleková –Slovenská Republika. Congratulations!

"When creating the design, I wanted to express the idea of the competition in a simple and clear way. I chose human natural means of communication as the main components. They are depicted by one interconnected variable line. It symbolically materializes the words leading from mouth to ear, at the same time thus representing a mutual conversation. The variability of the shapes used points to the diversity of languages, information, themes, and cultures, which enriches and develops them."