Brain game

Improve your memory and learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet. Below you will find the characters that differ from the Latin alphabet, but have a corresponding character. For the Cyrillic characters that don't correspond to a Latin character, please see this memory game.

Try to find the pairs as quickly as possible and make it onto the highscore list!

Matching Cyrillic characters correctly

(as in Baby)

(as in caTS)

(as in Pig)

(as in Snow)

(as in Violine)

(as in Horse)

( as in nEEdle)

(as in Dog)

(as J in bonJour)

(as in Lion)

(as in North)

(as in Rabbit)

(as in hOOver)

(as in Zebra)

(as in Grapes)

(as in Fish)



High Scores

1Bojan0:22in 22 moves
2matt0:23in 23 moves
3Andrei0:23in 23 moves
4David0:24in 24 moves
5Иван0:24in 24 moves
6Ivan0:25in 25 moves
7bob0:26in 26 moves
8J0:27in 27 moves
9eric0:29in 29 moves
10marie0:31in 31 moves
11Cat0:31in 31 moves
12Kitty0:31in 31 moves
13wicci0:32in 32 moves
14ana0:35in 35 moves
15k0:36in 36 moves
16VESNA0:39in 39 moves
17mm0:40in 40 moves
18f0:41in 41 moves
19oksana0:45in 45 moves
20Andrea0:45in 45 moves
Memory Game is done successfully! Please wait a second while we rebuild highscores...
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